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Lakes athletic department
rises to the occasion

By Ed Muniz

Lakes High School demonstrated its ability to put on a very successful event in its wrestling sectional debut. Troy Parola and staff were at their best, the athletic director wasn’t shy about spreading the credit.

“Our wrestling parents are great and so are our wrestling coaches," he said. "Because of them, it’s been a pretty easy thing. The most difficult thing was the unknown, we didn’t know how many folks would attend. We’re tight but it’s running smooth.

"I think our first time through; we talked to a lot of schools about what are the pitfalls and had many meetings. I was a little nervous about having our weigh-Ins at 2:30 p.m. while our school gets out at 2:50. So we had to address possible bus issues, but we met several times and informed school staff and it worked out great.”

Parola was most proud of showing off his school, located in Lake Villa..

"We’re in our tenth year as a school and a number of these schools had never been here before, so this was a good opportunity to show what we are about and what we have here.”

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