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Minooka trounces Glenbard N. 47-14

By Gary Larsen

It isn’t very often that you’ll see any team in Illinois go into Glenbard North’s gymnasium and earn an 11 to 3 edge in matches won over the Panthers.

But from the looks of it, this year’s squad at Minooka isn’t just any team. The Indians beat Batavia 39-6 before winning 47-14 over the host Panthers in the annual Fulk Quad in Carol Stream.

“A lot of the swing matches went our way,” said Indians’ captain Joeie Ruettiger. “That’s the main reason for the score. But I’m not surprised we beat them. We’ve got a good team.“We limited our mistakes tonight.”

Panthers’ captain and returning state champion Jimmy Chase had a simple explanation for his squad’s loss.

“They out-wrestled us. They broke us,” Chase said. “They got momentum going, and we couldn’t stop it.”

Minooka (2-0) grabbed momentum from the gate thanks to pins from Brandon Haase (215) and Cody Jones (285). A pair of major decisions followed from Leo Ruettiger (103) and Bobby Zabel (112) for a 20-0 lead.

Glenbard North’s Dan Rios fought tooth and nail to stop the bleeding against the Indians’ Joeie Ruettiger. Ruettiger was seemingly in control of the match at 119, when Rios put him to his back. Ruettiger avoided the pin, recovered, and earned the final takedown in a 9-8 decision win, keeping the ball rolling for Minooka. Brian Bokoski followed by posting a pair of third-period takedowns to beat the Panthers’ Joe Gosinski 7-2 at 125 pounds.

“Brian is just a pounder. He wears you out,” said Minooka coach Bernie Ruettiger. “And that’s what he did.”

The Panthers’ Tony Ramos got his squad on the board in the match at 130 with an 11-6 win, but the Indians’ Blake Montella earned praise for holding two-time returning state champion Ramos to a simple decision.

“Blake’s a great wrestler,” said Joeie Ruettiger. “He didn’t wrestle scared. He knew what he had to do, and he didn’t back down.”

After a 7-4 decision win posted by the Indians’ Marcus Rangel over Dalton Boland, Chase won by technical fall for Glenbard North over Mike Alberico, making the score 29-8 in favor of Minooka with five matches left to wrestle.

The Indians won four of the quintet; two came in close decisions. John Seaman won 4-1 at 145 over Steve Ferraro, and Brandon Collofello won 8-7 over Charleston Soko at 171.

In between, Ryan Warczynski (152) and Mitch Brozovich (160) posted pins, before the Panthers’ Chris Wahrman won the final match of the dual by pin over Minooka’s Mason Marsella at 189.

Bernie Ruettiger pointed to his squad’s fast start as a key to the win.

“It’s funny, because some of our kids that maybe shouldn’t be in matches were in matches, just because our team was on a roll there,” he said. “(Momentum) makes a big difference.

“Even at 140, we didn’t get pinned, and that’s what it’s all about.”


Minooka 47, Glenbard North 14

Dual started at 215 pounds.


215: Haase (M) p. Knudson (GN) 4:44

285: Jones (M) p. Burroughs (GN) 3:11

103: L. Ruettiger (M) md. Brandle (GN) 13-2

112: Zabel (M) md. Barrera (GN) 13-4

119: J. Ruettiger (M) d. Rios (GN) 9-8

125: Bokoski (M) d. Gosinski (GN) 7-2

130: Ramos (GN) d. Montella (M) 11-6

135: Rangel (M) d. Boland (GN) 7-4

140: Chase (GN) tf. Alberico (M) 16-0

145: Seaman (M) d. Ferraro (GN) 4-1

152: Warczynski (M) p. Freeman (GN) :57

160: Brozovich (M) p. Schroeder (GN) 3:05

171: Collofello (M) d. Soko (GN) 8-7

189: Wahrman (GN) p. Marsella (M) 4:32


Minooka 43, Batavia 24

Dual started at 189 pounds.


189: Campos (B) d. Marsella (M) 10-5

215: Haase (M) d. Hillard (B) 3-0

285: Jones (M) fft.

103: L. Ruettiger (M) md. Cherry (B) 9-1

112: Arlis (B) d. Zabel (M) 7-3

119: Bokoski (M) md. Christianson (B) 8-0

125: J. Ruettiger (M) md. Smith (B) 12-2

130: Montella (M) p. Ryan (B) 3:59

135: Rangel (M) p. Patton (B) 5:47

140: Alberico (M) p. A. Watson (B) 3:38

145: Seaman (M) md. Goodin (B) 9-0

152: Warczynski (M) p. Allen (B) :55

160: Rudd (B) p. Brozovich (M) 3:15

171: D. Watson (B) p. Collofello (M) 2:33


Batavia 49, Lincoln-Way Central 18

Dual started at 215 pounds.


215: Hillard (B) p. Bolbat (LWC) :42

285: Daugherty (LWC) fft.

103: Cherry (B) md. Quigley (LWC) 11-0

112: Arlis (B) p. Schloegel (LWC) 5:50

119: Stein (LWC) d. Christianson (B) 7-4

125: Souder (LWC) md. Smith (B) 9-0

130: Ryan (B) p. Gasca (LWC) 3:18

135: Patton (B) d. Schneider (LWC) 2-0

140: Krahulec (LWC) d. A. Watson (B) 7-2

145: Heimer (LWC) p. Goodin (B) :52

152: Gross (LWC) p. Allen (B) 1:09

160: Rudd (B) p. Ryan (LWC) 5:45

171: D. Watson (B) p. Kolb (LWC) 4:10

189: Campos (B) p. Ducharme (LWC) 3:50


Glenbard North 40, Lincoln-Way Central 25

Dual started at 189 pounds.


189: Wahrman (GN) d. Ducharme (LWC) 6-4

215: Knudson (GN) p. Bolbat (LWC)

285: Daugherty (LWC) p. Burroughs (GN)

103: Brandle (GN) d. Quigley (LWC) 5-4

112: Berrera (GN) d. Schloegel (LWC) 6-4 OT

119: Rios (GN) d. Stein (LWC) 5-2

125: Gosinski (GN) md. Souder (LWC) 12-4

130: Ramos (GN) p. Gasca (LWC) 2:52

135: Boland (GN) d. Schneider (LWC) 3-2

140: Chase (GN) p. Krahulec (LWC) 2:23

145: Heimer (LWC) p. Ferraro (GN)

152: Gross (LWC) p. Freeman (GN)

160: Ryan (LWC) md. Schroeder (GN) 21-9

171: Soko (GN) p. Kolb (LWC)


Glenbard North 46, Batavia 25

Dual started at 285.


285: Burroughs (GN) fft.

103: Brandle (GN) p. Cherry (B) :57

112: Arlis (B) md. Barrera (GN) 10-0

119: Rios (GN) p. Christianson (B)

125: Gosinski (GN) tf. Smith (B) 20-4

130: Ramos (GN) p. Ryan (B)

135: Patton (B) d. Boland (GN) 7-2

140: Chase (GN) tf. A. Watson (B) 17-2

145: Ferraro (GN) p. Goodin (B) 3:48

152: Allen (B) p. Freeman (GN) :24

160: Rudd (B) p. Schroeder (GN) :55

171: D. Watson (B) d. Soko (GN) 8-3

189: Wahrman (GN) p. Campos (B) 3:23

215: Hillard (B) d. Knudson (GN) 7-3


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